Art and Culture in Social Change Program

This program provides alternative platforms for self-expression and narration and encourages Arab and Palestinian artists and activists to engage in productions reflecting the unique experiences of Palestinian and Arab queers.

Aswat believes that alternative and creative modes of resistance to oppression must be made accessible so people can mobilize art and culture in their journeys for social change. We believe that art ads energy and emotions to advocacy, as it reaches people at deeper cognitive and emotional levels, often conveying what cannot be said with words or stating facts. We see art and culture are effective in forming opinions and attitudes on political and social aspects of gender and sexuality in society and bring about the questioning of norms and taboos. yet it has the power to embrace empathy among the community.

We also see cinema as an important tool of self-expression and narration and constantly aspire to inspire Palestinian and Arab filmmakers to produce movies reflecting the unique experiences of Palestinian and Arab queers.

Because we believe cinema, which can transcend social taboos and physical borders, has the power both to reflect reality and to imagine alternative futures.

Through this program, Aswat operates:

  • Kooz- an annual queer film festival.

  • Organizes queer exhibitions in partnership with local galleries.

  • Co-hosts public forums for open discussions on sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity within Arab and Palestinian sociopolitical context.

  • Partners with local venues, art galleries and activists and artists.

Get involved!

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