About Us


Aswat - Palestinian Feminist Center for Gender and Sexual Freedoms' is a vibrant feminist-queer movement for sexual and gender freedoms in Palestinian society. Established in 2003 as a small group and registered in 2018 as a community-based organization with a grassroots focus to enhance the visibility of and empower Palestinian LBTQIA+ women and trans; advocate for sexual freedoms and gender justice; promote a discourse of intersectionality that unites our struggles for justice and freedom. Aswat's transition into a registered independent organization is reflective of our holistic transformation, community growth, improved capacities and effective social impact.

Aswat works to challenge oppression and seed change through empowering and inspiring a vibrant, mature, strong, and proactive feminist leadership, and rally them around the centrality of queer liberation for a free and just society.

With more than a decade of work and activism, Aswat has improved its knowledge and expertise and is better able to assess the needs of our growing community, promote initiatives and design programs to advance and maximize LBTQI women potential and access by working with local and global strategic partners, reflecting on our own personal and collective experiences, learning from feedback from our focus group evaluations and online forums, and seed change by challenging oppression through intersectional approach and discourse.

Aswat’s programs aim to provide services, training, knowledge and spaces for discussion and expression for LBTQI women and youth, teachers and school staffers, civil society activists, professional service providers and community leaders.

Our programs include, Training on gender and sexual diversity, Gender Justice Program and Art and Culture in Social Change.

“My right to live, to choose, to be”

“My right to live, to choose, to be”