Feminist Leadership Program

This program works to build a cadre of feminist community leaders. It operates a feminist hub of young and veteran activists who meet to deepen their understanding of intersectional feminism, focus on community based-projects on progressive theories on gender and sexuality and launch action campaigns on women rights and freedoms with Arab and Palestinian society.

Aswat promotes an intersectional feminist approach that identifies how different aspects of social and political discrimination overlap with gender.

Aswat's feminist activist hub features:

  • A feminist activist course- from theory to practice: towards becoming an active feminist.

  • Monthly meetings with expert speakers, activists, academics and researchers on feminist and queer theories and issues

  • Group discussions in an interactive learning environment

  • Launching creative active campaigns

  • Visits and tours to women groups in Palestine

Join our hub!

To join our feminist activist hub, follow the link or contact Hanan by email: hanan@aswatgroup.org