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Shorts 2

  • Manjm 2 Ha-Katar Street Haifa, Haifa District (map)




Short by Amer Ahsan, 11 min , Iraq ,2016

Ahmad is confined to the house by his father, but when his brother returns from abroad he is encouraged to rebel against his father.

hypnopompic kooz queer festival aswat


Short by Mazen Khaled, 10 min, Lebanon 2010

The word “hypnopompic” refers to the partially conscious state that precedes complete wakefulness, characterized by “dreaming cognition trying to make sense” of reality. The term thus describes a state of being, a transition and a process always taking place in between two moments and two states. This magical short, based on a balletic pas-de-deux, is a reflection on this in-between state.

Yumma kooz aswat film festival queer


Documentary by Musa Alshadeedi, 22 min, Iraq\Jordan, 2018

An impressive zero-budget project, Yumma is a short documentary centered around three Arab mothers and their sons. Taking an unflinching look at the impact of social stigma on family relations, Yumma presents the family as an area where solidarity can be exercised and acceptances can be practiced, to defend the autonomy of individuals over their bodies.

I am george kooz queer film festival aswat

I am George

Short by Mathew Khoury, 6 min, Palestine, 2018

I am George tells the heartrending story of a transgender man fighting to be accepted for who he is. Mocked and insulted, George gives up, and as he lies on the ground with a bottle of pills scattered on the floor next him, he wonders: is being himself a dream he can only accomplish by dying?

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